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Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel Parking

Car Park Discounts at Ormonde Street Car Park for Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel Guests

The Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel offers on site car parking facilities in Ormonde Street Car Park. Ormonde Street Car Park is a multi storey car park immediately in front of the hotel and in Kilkenny City Centre. Guests at Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel can avail of city centre car parking here at special privilege rates during their stay.

Our check in time at Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel is 4pm, however if you are in Kilkenny before that, then please feel free to come into the hotel and register. In the event that your room is not yet ready, then the Reception Team will be happy to store your bags so that you can relax in the Castle Lounge perhaps or head out to explore the attractions on our doorstep.  Should you wish, the Team can give you a call to let you know just as soon as you room is ready.

All of our Guests can avail of city centre parking in the Ormonde Street Car Park, which is located directly opposite the Hotel.

The charge for car parking during your stay is at a reduced rate of €7.50 per 24 hours. On entering the car park you will receive a ticket and you simply need to have this ticket stamped at the Hotel Reception on departure. If you wish to take the car out during your stay then similarly, simply ensure that Reception stamps your car park ticket for you.

 Secure City Centre Parking €7.50 per night available in the Ormonde Street Car Park. 

Charging your Electric Vehicle

There are five EV charging sations in the Ormonde Street Car Park.

 Simply scan the QR code on the sign in front of each EV parking space, which are located on the ground floor of the car park and download the App. The App will guide you through the whole charging process from start to finish. There is also a 24 hour helpline should you have any further questions.

Here's how...

Pull into the EV parking spot.

Download the Monta EV Charging App or use the QR Code at the charging point in your car park space and follow the on screen instructions to begin charging.

Offering up to 22kw AC, the chargers can charge a car in under 4 hours, should your EV take the full 22kw. The charge is 35c per Kilowatt 

The chargers operate 24 hours a day, so customers can charge overnight and have a full battery in the morning. 

To make sure this resource is available to as many EV Drivers as possible, overstay fees are in operation between 9.00am -7.00pm. Once your EV has completed charging, you will have 45-minute grace period after which these fees will apply.

There is a 24 hour helpline number on the App that you can call if you have any technical queries.

The Reception Team very much look forward to welcoming you to the Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel.


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