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Kilkenny Hotel Deals & Special Offers

Treat Yourself to a Kilkenny Hotel Break with a Special Offer at the Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel

If you are looking for Kilkenny hotel deals, The Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel has a broad range of hotel special offers and deals for you to avail of. Have a look through the various special offers below and pick the one that suits you best. From City Breaks to Spa Offers and Family Getaways, the Kilkenny Ormonde will have the perfect hotel deal for you. We have lots of treats that you might to add to your stay...little exras to make your time in Kilkenny even more special - take a look at our Treat Suggestions here.

We're aware that sometimes your plans change and so we offer a very flexible, free cancellation policy to make sure that you can book with confidence that not only will you find the best rates when you book with us but also that you'll have the option to cancel should you need to. See full details of our cancellation policy here.


Book with the confidence of knowing that we guarantee you our best possible rate
Choose a room type to best suit you needs from all available rooms for your stay
Make the most of your stay with an exclusive range of add-on packages -a VOYA treament at KOSpa
Unique offers to allow you tailor your stay in Kilkenny - include tickets for your visit Kilkenny Castle
Great flexibillity with Free Cancellation should your plans change.